“We will always remember Tyler’s big smiles and friendly waves. He was a special boy, who others were drawn to.”

“From what I knew about Tyler, he was one of the nicest people ever. My friend had a brother who used to always get picked on in middle school. When Tyler was in the 8th grade, he would stand up for him and not care what the other kids thought of him for it. He was a true friend to many people. The world would be a better place if there were more people like Tyler!”
– Classmate

“Honestly, Tyler was one of the sweetest and kindest boys I have ever met. I remember the first time I talked to him, I thought he was so polite and mature for his age! And every time I saw Tyler he always had a big smile on his face! He was such an amazing person.”
– Classmate

“Tyler was a truly remarkable individual. He was not only my teammate, but a good friend as well. His moral stance can never be surpassed by anyone that I know. For the brief months that I was fortunate enough to have spent with Tyler, I never saw him give in to the temptations of modern teenage society. I never once heard him swear. He stands in my mind as one of the most morally stable individuals that I have ever known. His mere presence on the pool deck was joyous, for his endless smiles and laughter always proved contagious amongst his peers. His ability to always have a smile on his face never ceases to amaze us all.”
– Teammate

“I looked up to Tyler, as did almost everyone else, and it had nothing to do with his height.”
– Classmate


Who Was Tyler Broberg?

Here’s what friends have said:

“Tyler was a beautiful person. I can think of one word to describe him...Radiant!”

“I was able to observe Tyler interact with other youth. Without fail he was positive, inclusive, happy, and a great example to everyone else.”

“I remember very well how adorable Tyler was as a little boy. He was so much fun to baby sit because he had such a cute personality and was such a ‘doting’ older brother to Cori. He always needed to make sure that Cori had her teeth brushed correctly and was adequately ‘tucked in’ before he would go to sleep. It was so clear how much he adored his little sister. Tyler has remained in my mind as the model ‘Big Brother’ and will continue to do so.”

“I’m sure Tyler brightened up your lives as I know he brightened mine. He was always smiling and always laughed at my jokes. I’ll miss our Thursday morning get-togethers. His presence is and will be greatly missed. I really loved Tyler.”
– Classmate

“Tyler was an amazing guy. Definitely one in a million. He was the kind of guy who made an impact on everyone he met. I knew that every time I talked to Tyler my day would be that much better. He was unlike anyone I have ever met. He was the sweetest guy in the whole world!”
– Classmate

“Four years ago, I moved to Simi Valley and started 7th grade at Sinaloa Middle School. My first day of school I took the bus home and I met Tyler. Every day that year I walked to and from the bus with him. He was one of my first friends and definitely the best. We used to walk home and laugh and talk about all kinds of things until the last possible second, when he turned to go onto his street. He made the year that I spent in Simi Valley so memorable and so carefree.”
– Classmate



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